A1 Appraisal Service is a full service Appraisal company, here are some of the services we provide Appraisals for: Residential Property Multi-use Property Conventional Loan New Construction Reviews of all types, both field and desktop Valuations for Estate, Divorce and Tax Rent Survey and Operating Income Statements Recertification Collateral Valuation Report (CVR) What ever your valuation needs just contact us for more information, about our fees and current turn-around times. Call A1 Appraisal Service today. We guarantee you'll see the difference, too. We Service Oregon and Washington Oregon-Portland Metropolitan Area Multnomah County Clackamas County Washington County Washington Clark County A1 Appraisal Service © 2011 A1 Appraisal Service Made with Xara A1 Appraisal Service Call (360) 909-1499 Our Service Area Honesty, Integrity and Service Let A1 Appraisal Service take care of your appraisal Thousands of people in Washington and Oregon purchase, sell or refinance their home each year. Many of these transactions have a simple line item for an appraisal. And even though there are a growing number of automated home valuation systems that may appear to be more practical than an appraisal, most lenders still need a local expert because the stakes are incredibly high. But is securing a mortgage the only reason you should get an appraisal? Are there more instances when the services of a licensed, independent real estate professional might come in handy? Absolutely. Challenge your tax assessment It's likely you're paying too much in property taxes if you live in an area where property values have declined. Taxes are based upon a past assessment of your home, so if values have declined in your area, you can challenge your assessment and save money. An appraisal from A1 Appraisal Service is your best evidence when building your case. We're qualified to assist you in appealing your tax assessment. Let A1 Appraisal Service assist you in lowering your mortgage payment Private Mortgage Insurance, or PMI, is a supplemental insurance policy that most lenders ask homebuyers to buy when the amount being loaned to the home owner is more than 80% of the actual value of the home. Very often, this extra payment is lumped into the monthly mortgage payment and is promptly forgotten. PMI is no longer required when the remainder of the loan - whether through market appreciation or principal pay down - dips below the 80% mark, making this very unfavorable. In fact, the Homeowners Protection Act (HPA) of 1998 was approved by the United States Congress requiring lenders to remove the PMI installments on most mortgages when the balance is paid down to 78% of the original value. If you'd like to do away with PMI, A1 Appraisal Service will provide you with a statement regarding the value of your home. The price you paid for the home valuation can generally be regained in little time because you'll no longer be paying the PMI. An appraisal from A1 Appraisal Service will help you settle a divorce with less stress A divorce can be a particularly daunting ordeal for both parties, and it is often more complicated by the hard decision of who gets the home. Regardless of the situation, it's prudent to get an appraisal from A1 Appraisal Service so both parties are fully aware of the true market value of their property. If the parties want to sell the home, they'll have a better idea of what price to set. And if a "buyout" is the chosen option, both parties will feel like they've received a fair assessment. Accurate and fair estate liquidation with A1 Appraisal Service Settling an estate Losing a loved one is a difficult time in life, and settling an estate from a death, or probate, often calls for an appraisal to establish Market Value for the residential property involved. The ethics provision within the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) binds us with confidentiality, guaranteeing the highest degree of discretion. Unlike wealthier individuals, most Americans don't have dedicated estate planners or executors to handle these affairs. A home or other property often makes up a disproportionate share of the total estate value, so understanding the true value of the real estate at hand is of essential importance to ensuring disputing parties walk away knowing they've received a fair deal. A1 Appraisal Service can assist you in relocating to or from our Service Area We are aware of the headaches involved with an employee relocation. That being said, we take great care in setting up a convenient appointment time for the appraisal inspection. During our thorough process, we recommend relocating employees to provide feedback on the positive aspects of their property, as well as information regarding any current sales or listings in their area that they want considered. Selling your home quickly at the right price with an appraisal from A1 Appraisal Service A professional appraisal can help you make a more informed decision regarding your asking price, whether you choose to sell your home on your own or with the help of a real estate agent. Separate from a real estate agent, an appraiser has no vested interest in what amount the house sells for. Our fees are calculated on our efforts to finish the appraisal report and not a percentage of the sales price. We determine the difference in value items like an additional bathroom or a kitchen remodel can make on a daily basis. And we're experts in knowing how long homes stay on the market. So, seeking a professional appraisal is a trusted way to determine what improvements will add value and what a suitable sales price is for your home so you don't come up short or have your house on the market for an extended amount of time. Appraisal Fees Because of our service area (Washington - Clark County; Oregon - Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties), it is not possible to quote a set or standard fee for any appraisal product until the appraiser has some idea about what it is we will be appraising, the location and accessibility of the property and the guidelines of the client with regard to the assignment.  Be assured, however, that our fees are fair and competitive and that you will be receiving a quality report within a reasonable time.  When we quote a date of delivery, we are NEVER late unless something beyond our control occurs, and then the client will be notified in advance.  If you would like to contact us with an address, we’ll be happy to provide you with a committed fee and turn around time. We strive to build a relationship with each and every client through honesty, integrity and service. Please understand that we do not extend credit for appraisal report assignments. The fee is due upon delivery in most cases or paid upon inspection. If you are an institutional lender, payment is agreed per policy. If you are a non-institutional lender or individual, the fee must be received prior to delivery so that we can include a "Paid" receipt with each order. There is also a ten (10) day period allowed after you receive your report to review any and all content for compliance, errors or omissions. During this time, any such discrepancies will be corrected at no charge to the client. Obviously, if there are discrepancies from causes beyond the control of the appraiser and/or additional information required after delivery and not discussed upon ordering there may be additional charges incurred to modify the finished report. Changes or modifications after the ten (10) day period may incur additional charges. Changes to the effective date of the report and additional information needed after delivery may require a new appraisal. Feel free to call if there are any questions or in the event your staff would like to make alternative payment arrangements for any specific assignment in advance. Affiliations National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers (NAIFA) 2009-2011 National Association of Realtors Oregon Association of Realtors Certified CVR Specialist C.A.N.V.A.S. Certified Realtor Services As a tailored service for Realtors, A1 Appraisal Service has developed the GLA Report. Accurate Gross Living Area of a home is essential in representation of the home to potential buyers and for the home owner themselves. County records are often wrong as they many times do not take in consideration of added living space through remodels or are just wrong. ‘Approximating’ the living area is a dis-service to the buyer/seller as the home’s value could be off by thousands of dollars. An accurate GLA Report, done by a Licensed Appraiser, ensures accuracy and peace of mind to the buyers and sellers and can expedite closing if there is a discrepancy found on the GLA. This service is invaluable and a necessity for all homes being listed for sale on the market. Our GLA Report shows the entire home and outbuildings, their square feet, room dimensions, photos of the exterior and all interior rooms compiled into an easily understood report. Also, we offer VIP service to Realtors for multiple pre-ordered reports. Call for details today!